About me

Hello. My name is Eva, welcome to my blog! I live in Prague but whenever I can I pack up my backpack and hit the road. No matter where. I love traveling, the smell of distances, taste of the unknown and gathering of new experiences. I follow the Dalai Lama´s motto–go at least once a year to a place you´ve never been before. My first big trip led me to Cambodia and Thailand (2007) where my sister took me – thanks! At that place, travelling grew on so much to my heart that I haven´t let it go anymore. I plan all trips myself and visit both tourist and less known places (I prefer the latter as I don´t really enjoy crowds. You can find me in nature as well as in cities. I don´t avoidanything what´s interesting and can bring me new experience.

“Travel is never a matter of moneybut of courage.”
(Paulo Coelho)


Why this blog? I had been plucking up the courage to write it for a long time as there are so many of such travel blogs today. But I write diaries anywaywhile travelling about what we see, eat, experience or where it´s worth going, so it would be a pity to leave it all just for myself. Maybe I will inspire someone, maybe give someone a determination to explore the world, and maybe help someone with my advice and tips. And even if not, I will at least have memories for myself. My blog is about real travels, travels towards my dreams. So start with me!

I have quite a lot of experience and travel notes and it will take me a while to put them all together, so give me time. They will gradually increase.

If you are interested in something particular about me and my expeditions, if you like this blog, have any comments, or just want to write me, you can email on: eva@evaontheroad.com or via the contact form. I will read everything and answer you as soon as possible.